Visually narrating emotional connections


Jamie & Cary Engagement

Jamie and Cary's love story began on a bus. They were both commuting to work on the same bus route in Seattle. Cary noticed a beautiful young lady with her nose deep in her book. Being the respectful gentleman he is, Cary didn't want to interrupt her reading. It wasn't until a few days of seeing her on the same bus line until he decided that he would write his own love story and struck up a conversation with Jamie. Many joyous moments together and a few years later, Cary proposed to Jamie. We all know what her answer was. ❤️ One late afternoon in June, I had the privilege to spend some time with them along the Seattle waterfront. In the hour or so, their connection and love for each other came to light. It's moments like these that I truly love to capture (and to think they told me that they don't do well in front of a camera!). I can't wait to celebrate with you in September, Jamie and Cary!