Visually narrating emotional connections


Capitola Wedding // Janet & Michael

Love knows no age.

It's true. I've seen it with my own two eyes in Capitola, California. Janet and Michael have been dating for 6 years, and til the day of their wedding, behaved and conducted themselves as if they were teenagers still in their puppy-love stage. I see no signs of them slowing down for years to come!

I met Janet a few years back on a backpacking trip in Big Sur. Tough as that long steep hike into Ventura Wilderness may have been, I had a full kitchen on my back and Janet was able to carry in 4 cartons of wine. I mean, we gotta reward ourselves, right?!? So when she reached out to me to capture her and Michael's loving day, I knew it was gonna be a fun one! Simple, sweet, and with families coming together, hearts were as full as I've ever seen it.