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Wright's One Year Wedding Anniversary // #RoesberyGoneWright

Happy One Year Anniversary to Angie and Forrest!!! This blog is long overdue as I did not have a website up at the time, but better late than never as today is the perfect time to reminence about this gorgeous wedding one year ago in Sanger, California at Hobb's Grove.  Not only was this wedding day spent celebrating with close friends of mine, the process of capturing this gorgeous wedding made something click in my heart. I had a few weddings under my belt before Angie's and Forrest's wedding, but this was a full wedding coverage which opened my eyes to the joy and passion of capturing a bride and groom's love story. Since this date on September 12, 2015, I feel like I've come a long way and can't wait to see how far I can go with capturing and creating something special madly in love couples.

Thank you to the Roesberys and Wrights for trusting and having full confidence in me in capturing your wedding day! Happy One Year Anniversary again, AND please tell Logie I wish him a happy birthday as well :)