Visually narrating emotional connections


Trang & Yunice Engagment

I first met these two beautiful ladies on a backpacking trip through the Lost Coast Trail in Northern California. Not only was it their first high-milagege hike, 24.5 to be exact, but it was also their first time backpacking. Ever. We trudge through sand, balanced alongside cliffs and battled seal lions for camping spots. Trang & Yunice were troopers and stayed pretty much in the middle of the pack during the whole 3-day trek. Pretty impressive for a couple of first-timers! Fast forward to present times, they've asked me to shoot their wedding in Maui and I couldn't be more ecstatic! No, not because it's on a beautiful island, but because they have put their trust in me to capture their special moments on such a significant day. In May, I flew down to San Francisco to shoot their engagement session. We met at the ever-so-crowded Sutro Baths and ventured down towards the golden coast line.

Besides going on adventures with my couples, I love the natural and unforced interactions between them. These genuine, emotional connections is what I strive to capture. As we prepped for the shoot, I asked how they usually show their affection in a public spaces. The girls replied that they hold back for fear of what others might feel or think. My heart sank, but after I told them to not worry, be comfortable and have the freedom to be themselves, my heart was quickly lifted back up. We live in a time where love is love and nothing less should be accepted nor expected of such an intimate bond between two human beings. To be able to witness and capture two people being with each other as if no one is watching is such a beautiful sight to behold.