Visually narrating emotional connections


Oregon Total Solar Eclipse Wedding 2017 // Eagle Fern Park - Ryan & Peter Wedding


A year and a half ago, I met with Ryan & Peter for a cup of coffee. We chatted about their love story, how they met through a mutual friend, how their first few dates went and how they've been pretty much inseparable since. What's more significant was the way in which they looked at each other - their sweet and tender interactions and gestures during our chat told me that this was a genuine and caring love.

Ryan & Peter are both spiritual and share a love for all things out of this world. So naturally, having a wedding celebration the day before The Great American Eclipse of 2017 was in order. They rented a campground site and decorated it with lunar flags, air rockets for the kids to play with and every guest received solar glasses for the two minute spectacular show the next day.

But what was not to be overshadowed (see what I did there?!?) was the celebration of their marriage and those that supported them through thick and thin. Their ceremony was conducted by all wedding guests, as everyone attending had the authority to ordain and bless their marriage. Many also had the opportunity to speak about Ryan & Peter's love story and it was nothing short of breathtaking sentiments. 

I hope the images below gives you a sense of the emotions and how beautifully put together Ryan & Peter's wedding was. These are the feelings and moments I strive to capture.