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Snow White & Prince Charming // Amanda & David's Wedding


Amanda & David are probably two of the most wholesome souls I've had the privilege of photographing, let alone meet. High school sweethearts in Arizona, they found themselves moving together to attend college in Washington State. She became a public lawyer to help those truly in need, and he is a few months away from graduating with a degree in chemical engineering - looking to use his passion to further advance humankind. They are avid hikers and love exploring the outdoors and national parks with their two furry kids. They're not just dogs that no one wanted, but dogs that were left on the streets with no warm place to call home.

But that's not where their love story ends. Near the end of 2017, Amanda & David noticed a bump that seemingly popped up over night on one of their dogs. The veterinarian told them that he would have 3 months to live. Heartbroken, Amanda & David asked themselves what they would do with their own lives should they had 3 more months left of their lives. 

Through 8 years of being best friends and supporting on another through their individual goals and careers, Amanda & David did not believe in the normal or society's definition and celebration of marriage. They did not need the sparkles, grand entrance or wedding gifts to pour in to celebrate their forever love. As long as they have each other and their kids, all is well in the world. But given 3 months to live, getting married would be the most logical thing for them to do.

Fast forward to a week before the official start of Spring, Amanda & David got married in a courthouse just outside one of my favorite parks - Olympic National Park. The day was absolutely perfect and the snow just added that sparkle that only Amanda & David deserves.

Thank you so much to Amanda & David for allowing me the privilege to be a witness to their wedding day. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you and those that you surround your love with!