Visually narrating emotional connections


Olympic National Park, Hurricane RIdge Engagement // Ashley & Kellen


Old friends reconnecting with newfound hearts. 

Ashley & Kellen have been old friends since the 3rd grade. They grew up within blocks of each other and their families knows each other well. But it wasn't until after college, did Ashley & Kellen begin to see each other on a more intimate level. Trust me on this, I didn't have to pose or direct either one of them to be affectionate towards each other. In fact, I had to break up their PDA a few times when I saw kids (and a deer) coming within view. After a year or so of dating, Ashley & Kellen came to a realization how real their love for each other was and the next thing to make sense was to get married!!!


I was ecstatic when Ashley & Kellen suggested an adventure-connection session. If there's one thing you should know about me, is that I have a love for seeking new thrills and views. I drove the 4.5 hours from Portland to meet them in Port Angeles, Washington. Did you know you could see Canada from there?! Pretty cool, if you ask me. We sat in a cafe, had a beverage and was on our way to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. The drive up the mountain was gorgeous; once we got up to the top, our jaws have been dropped to its full extent. Here, we had the great privilege of watching a slow burning sunset happen and I got to witness a madly in love Ashley & Kellen. I hope these images brings you the heat we saw with our eyes. Thank you Ashley & Kellen for letting me be a part of your love story! I can't wait to celebrate your marriage next year!

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