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Bellingham Whatcom Falls Park // Celeste & Levi Engagement

Bellingham_wedding_photographer_pnw-3 copy.jpg

Celeste and Levi are two beautiful souls whose morals and values are unmatched. Having been together for nearly 7 years, they have laid down the foundation of their individual lives. Together, they are committed to building a life as one and I have no doubt that it will blossom and thrive. It's rare to find such young lovebirds who wait this long to be engaged. I'd believe this has something to do with their leveled-heads and understanding life's journey.

It was a beautiful fall afternoon for a drive up to Bellingham, Washington. The highways lined with yellow and orange walls of fall goodness made my commute from Portland short and inspiring.  We met at a beautiful heart-shaped ivy wall of an abandoned building and practiced jumping in the wind. We eventually found our way in (insert big smiley emoji here for the daredevil in me) and explored the building for a bit. Afterwards, we headed to Whatcom Falls, where the two loved taking walks together as college students. The adventurous day ended with stuffing our faces with delicious pizza surrounded by Seattle Seahawks fans (insert crying emoji here for the 49ers fan in me).

Celeste and Levi, I hope we get some snow fall on the day of your winter wonderland wedding!!!