Visually narrating emotional connections


Erin & Beto Engagement // Seattle Discovery Park

Erin and Beto....where do I even begin? I haven't met such kind and wholesome souls like those of these two. From our first meeting until our goodbyes a week later after our engagement shoot, I've never felt so comfortable letting my guard down around two strangers. Both are native Californians who attended college in Washington and eventually met each other at work with their desks side by side. Not to worry though, as they no longer work together and Erin is in law school. Besides, who would object to such a beautiful bond that these two have?! - I would not. The way he speaks of her, and the way she looks into his eyes is like something from a romance novel.

Beto had proposed to Erin on their apartment balcony over a nice bottle of wine from Spain. So on a beautiful fall evening in Seattle, we met at Discovery Park and made our way down to the beach with a blanket, their favorite beverage and had a glass (or two) to celebrate our half-mile hike :) With sincere conversations and contagious laughters, I almost forgot to capture these fleeting moments. I'm devastated that I won't be able to shoot their wedding, but rest assure that I will be celebrating with Erin and Beto in spirit. I am so grateful for the privilege and trust that these two put in me to capture and share such intimate moments.

Erin and Beto were two lost souls in a place they couldn't call home until they found each other.