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Cannon Beach Mini-Moon Bridal & Groom Portraits // Chelsea & Broc Wedding Part III

Did you know Oregon is the only state with an official nut? And I'm not talking about the people in Portland #keepPortlandweird. It's the hazelnut! Other than that, Oregon is also known for it's beautiful and vast landscapes. No matter which direction you head in, it's hard to not slow down and take in the sights of the land. It's no wonder these newlyweds decided to take their mini-moon out to the popular Cannon Beach with it's unmistakable landmark of Haystack Rock. By the time I made it out to the coast, Chelsea and Broc had already eaten delicious food, drank at all the breweries, and toured a wax museum. I was there to put the icing on their wedding cake.

I really want to thank Chelsea and Broc for not just putting their trust in me in capturing their wedding and allowing me to be a witness to their love, but I also letting me experiment with my craft and being comfortable with it all. They're more than clients to me now. They're people I can call truly call friends. I wish you a happily ever after, Chelsea and Broc!