Visually narrating emotional connections


Seattle Court in the Square Wedding // Glenys & MIkhail's Love Adventure.


Glenys & Mikhail are two of the sweetest nerds I've met in a long time. I use the term "nerds" in the most enduring and coolest way possible because that's what and who they are - enduring, cute, intelligent and cool. Harry Potter jokes were thrown around, the groomsmen had matching Star Wars socks, and the two newly-weds even met at a museum they both worked at. You see, Mikhail is a real life Indian Jones (okay, maybe he's not a professor, but he is an archeologist. You should see the archeologist shovel Mikhail had as a tie clip!) and Glenys is the good-looking, sweet and innocent Marion. In this real life love adventure, she actually gets to keep her guy because their respective families loves and supports their children unconditionally. 

The two come from different ethnic cultures, but their great faith and love for God connected and strengthened their family ties. Each family is not only open to the other but is also willing to learn about and be involved in each other traditions. Everyone in attendance at their wedding came from all different and diverse backgrounds. Through their academic journey, many of their friends came from the different universities. I've never seen a dance floor filled with such enthusiastic energy for so long. So I guess my point is that "Love always wins."

The whole wedding day was filled with nothing but laughters by all parties and guests, but the ones with the most significance came from Glenys. I may not understand their humor, but I couldn't help grin from ear to ear as I spent the day with these lovers. Each and every activity that day had a purpose and was meaningful. I've never seen such ecstatic and joyful parents of both bride and groom before. I think this says a lot about their families and the marriage of Glenys & Mikhail.