Visually narrating emotional connections


San Francisco Connection // Andrea & Jake Engagement


It's been dang near 20 years - yes, TWENTY YEARS - since I've seen an old favorite friend, Andrea. Please, let me tell you what a San Francisco treat is was when she reached out to me inquiring about her wedding day! I've followed and kept in touch with her through social media and thoroughly enjoyed her stories of the kids that come through her kindergarten classrooms. Even through the stress, you can tell that Andrea enjoys what she does. After a phone call, catching up and listening to her love story, I was not going to turn down this opportunity to document her wedding.

Jake came into Andrea's life through a fitness bootcamp and found their mutual passion for races - in particular, the Spartan Races. They've traveled and adventured the country together doing these races (with their favorite being in Hawaii). Yet, their intimate connection is not based exclusively on being fit and traveling the country. It's not even based on their passion for eating good food or listening to country music. It's based on being themselves, holding each other accountable at being the best versions of themselves - as individuals and with each other. It's also about being their goofiest in its purest form.

As we planned out our connection session, Andrea suggested Kirby Cove at the Golden Gate Recreational Park. She wanted check out the swing with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. As this location has been on my bucket list for a while, I was up for an adventure all the while getting to know Andrea & Jake as a couple. We explored, laughed, and had great light (for selfish photography reasons) on a beautiful San Francisco Sunday. I forgot to hop on the swing myself, but I enjoyed capturing Andrea & Jake's intimate moments more. So I can't be that mad. :)

I can't wait to celebrate with you both in Half Moon Bay come September, Andrea & Jake!