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Portland Pearl District/Waterfront Spring Engagement - Liz & Ryan Connection

Portland Best Top Ten Wedding Alfred Tang Photography

Are two lovers considered high school sweethearts if they break up before college and then get back together without having stayed in touch since then? Even after a couple years out of college and randomly reconnecting in another city on the other side of the state - I would like to think so. In fact, I'd like to think it was their fate or destiny to be together forever. 

Liz & Ryan came from a small town in southern Oregon where they met in high school and dated for a while before heading their separate ways for college. 6 years later, Ryan runs into Liz's brother in Portland and reconnects with his high school sweetheart. Their love is evident in how opposite, yet similar and attractive they are. While Ryan is an introvert, he expresses himself through music and is the other half of Atomic Candles. Liz is a bit more bubbly and found herself carving her career out as an accountant. Together, they're complete and freaking adorable. Only Ryan can smile the way he does when Liz is around and only Liz can laugh the way she does when she's with Ryan.

For our connection session, we met up at Tea Bar, had ourselves a couple of tasty boba drinks and we got to know each other a bit better. If you can't tell by looking through the images, Liz & Ryan have a great sense of fashion. So naturally, I had to shoot their album cover. :) This is also me experimenting with different poses and they ROCKED it!!! If you tell me you don't like the outcome, I invite you to show yourself out the door :) Just kidding, stay for a little while longer and check out the rest of the connection session as we explored Portland on a beautiful spring day.