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Abiqua Falls - Warm hearts in a Winterland // Liz & Corey Engagement


Some two years ago, Liz & Corey pack all of their belongings, stuffed it in their car and along with their two dogs, they headed on an adventure from North Carolina to soon find themselves in beautiful Oregon. Like most who reside in this beautiful lush green state, Liz & Corey found themselves immersed with the endless possibilities of exploring their new backyard. It wasn't much of a surprise to me when I found out Corey had proposed to Liz after a nice hike to a waterfall. So when Liz & Corey decided to book me for their wedding, I knew immediately that these two would be the ones where I've been saving an Abiqua Falls engagement session for!

Abiqua Falls is located about 2 hours south of Portland and even during fair weathered days, getting there is a task in itself. The day of our engagement session, ice and snow covered the unmaintained roads just days before, but nothing was gonna stop us! Driving through low-hanging snow-covered branches we made it over the slippery trails to the trailhead. Once we got acclimated to the brisk air, the three of us headed down the icy trail. Carefully, after climbing down ropes, we secured one foot in front of the other before reaching the stream that would lead us to the amphitheater of water rushing and pounding down into a freezing mist. I still get the giddies every time I come here and to see their eyes wide open was a gift in itself.

Thank you Liz & Corey for trusting in me to capture such intimate moments between you two (and with your lives). I can't wait until October 2017 to celebrate your wedding with you!