Visually narrating emotional connections


Mourning of a Spirit Animal.

As human beings, we tend to express only our positive and happy side while stifling down our sorrows and dark moments. I believe we all need to express those tears of emotions -it's part of the healing process, and in most cases can help speed up that process. So when Elizabeth asked me last month to shoot a session with her on the anniversary of the passing of her horse, Sam, I happily obliged. 

Elizabeth grew up on a ranch and received her own pony when she was 5. Since then, she's been an avid rider and also have been on equestrian drill teams for the past 6 years. When I asked her why Sam meant so much to her, she told me this: 

"Sam was my first official horse I could call my own. We had a connection like no other. You know when they say your animal is a reflection of you? Well, it is most certainly true. We were a spitting image of each other. There was not a horse in the world I vibed with more than him. I trusted him with my whole being.."

Sam was 16 yrs old when he passed away.