Visually narrating emotional connections


20th Anniversary @ Mount Hood, Portland// Mariah & Peter's Adventures


For these youngins' 20th Anniversary, Mariah & Peter decided to take the whole family from Maui and spend a good week in the Portland, Oregon area. No anniversary would have been complete without dropping off the kids at a friends house so that mom and dad could spend two days to themselves in Mount Hood, Oregon. They rented my friend's beautiful Air BnB, just a few yards away from a river and commissioned me to go exploring with them.


A year or so ago, I met Mariah & Peter through a mutual friend while exploring Maui. We all went cliff jumping :) Mariah owns and runs a couple of different wedding-centric businesses, while Peter works in the hospitality industry and throws his full support behind his wife. Together they are raising beautiful and respectful children. It's rare to have kids address you as uncle the first time you meet them without guidance from their parents. 

Fast forward to a beautiful June day at the base of Mount Hood, I got to hang out with Mariah & Peter. We ran through lupine fields, skipped through fern-covered forests and dipped (their) toes in the waters of the snow run-off fed river. Throughout the late afternoon/early evening, I got to know, understand and respect Mariah & Peter a whole lot more. It's tough to wrap around one's head a 20-yr old relationship, raising three kids and still be this much in love (infatuated). Like any other normal relationship and marriage, they went through some huge obstacles in their lives as individuals and as a couple; testing their relationship to the max. But no matter what, they both refused to leave each others side and they consistently and unconditionally lifted each other up. To this day, the way they spoke about each other, the way they looked at each other, the way they still touch each other is indisputably beautiful. I don't know many couples that can be this genuinely affectionate towards another after 5 years, let alone 20 years.

Please, enough of my blabbering and let these images tell the rest of their story. Thank you Mariah & Peter for having me as a part of your story! Mahalo and see you on the Islands soon!!!