Visually narrating emotional connections


McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Wedding // Chelsea & Broc Part I

Leading up to the week of Chelsea & Broc's wedding, we kept a close eagle eye on the weather forecast as one in Oregon would do during the fall seasons. It rained every day that week....but on Saturday, Oct 8, 2016 the sun made an appearance. I personally knew it was be all good as anything that involves these two turns magical.

Their love story began at the movie theaters. Chelsea was getting popcorn with her mother when she noticed the young creeper (her words, not mine) behind the counter. Broc, the pimply-kid (my words, not hers) handed them their soda pops and popcorn, and the ladies proceeded to scurry away into the darkness beyond the cinema doors. Some time later, Chelsea found herself accepting a job at the same movie theater. She may not have remembered the moment Broc laid eyes on her as much as he did. Yet, through the greatest medicine of laughter, Broc naturally swooned Chelsea -anywhere, anytime and all the way up to the altar. Their love story and wedding day was so magical, it deserves to be told in three parts.