Visually narrating emotional connections


Fall in the Park with the Juachons.

I met Ray through an off-road car club and have been on a few fun adventures with him. If there's anything he's taught me, it's how to take the right lines through rocky terrain. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of seeing his growing family at a beautiful park in Oakland. Ray and his wife, Karisa, are very much outdoorsy and aren't afraid of a little dirt -their three beautiful children reflects this. Ray and Karissa don't baby their kids in a sense that while maintaining good discipline, they allow them to actually play and learn through falling and boo-boos. If I'm not mistaken, the oldest one has already broken his arm and the middle child has broken her clavicle. As I went through these images, I couldn't help but laugh at their goofy and carefree souls. The love and relationship between each family member is evident. If Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary had a sample picture of "family goals" I'm positive the Juachons would be in it.