Visually narrating emotional connections


Jessica & Ishack Engaged // Portland Engagement


Jessica and Ishack, a princess and her prince. He's a veteran whose looks would make any opposing force run in the opposite direction. Yet, when shaking his hand, you can't help but smile and genuinely laugh at his dad jokes. She's a kind soft soul with nothing but love to share with the world. Ishack's strong and bold personality pulled her in, but his boyish charm and the sudden appearance of puppies whenever their eyes locked, kept him in. Trust me, I experienced this during their engagement session.

Ishack is also a big nerd and loves fantasy games and shows alike. They envision their wedding day to be very Middle-Age/Game of Thrones like. When I saw his wedding suit and her wedding gown, I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the ground. Either that, or I had dirt on my chin from falling after chasing being chased by a hot dog in the woods. Anyone else giddy for June 2017 to get here?!?!