Visually narrating emotional connections


Columbia River Gorge-Wahclella Falls // Sophia & Sam Portland Engagement


By now, I've come to realize how often scheduled shoots will be forever be dodging and dancing in the rain. Sophia and Sam's connection session was no different. It was forecasted to rain all week, but we still decided to take on the day and capture whatever the day brought to us. These are the adventurous couples that I love working with -those who follow their hearts.

We headed out to the Columbia River Gorge, a popular destination just outside of Portland, and explored a few trails. Three of us got to know each other more and I got to understand what makes these two click. Sophia loves kids, so it only makes sense that she is an aspiring teacher, while Sam works with his hands at a steel fabrication shop. Together, Sophia can not stop laughing with him around and Sam, a man of few words, whom smiles is brightest when his lady is around. They were high school friends that found each others hearts after their high school at their local bar. Does this make them high school sweethearts?! That title is debatable. One thing is for certain: They're definitely sweethearts.

I can't wait to celebrate your wedding day with you guys!!!